We as a team accept players in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold skill range. Led by Promises (Danielson, Aummadour, and Oblivion as the TA)  we strive to be the team that shows the most results, by challenging each member to reach their full potential. We currently have 3 mandatory practice days a week but is subject to change. Each practice 1 hour is spent as a team in a "peep mode" scenario to offer coaching, and advice from fellow member, and team staff. The second hour is spent doing 1v1 against players in their own skill level, mainly focusing on macro and fine tuning ones playing about with experience. 

What you are expected to do as a Valkyrie Member Edit

  1. We would like you to ladder as much as possible. :D
  2. Do at least 2 tournaments a month
  3. Not have 4 AWOLs
  4. If you have 4 AWOLs we would like for you to to either get your act together or leave our team.
  5. HAVE FUN!
  6. Innovate like a mofo

Practice timesEdit


  • Sunday 8:00 pm eastern
  • Monday 8:00 pm eastern
  • Wednesday 8:00 pm eastern


Any other day of the week 8:00 eastern

JaySctt 06:09, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

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