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Following the successful completion of the inaugural eXe North American server GSL Code S and Code A tournaments, there is much anticipation building for the second installment. Season 1 showcased many of eXe’s top level Starcraft II players, but also gave the lesser-known lower league players an opportunity to show what they were made of. Clan members battled it out for 7 weeks, and in the end Hephaistas (Code S) and Sabotage (Code A) came out the victors.

Moving into Season 2, the format will be mostly intact, but expect slight changes to increase your overall enjoyment of the tournament experience. The tournament is structured so that high level players (diamond/masters) compete in Code S and lower league players (all others) participate in Code A. This feature affords the more casual players a fair and equal chance to shine! Once the players are split by league, the tournament goes into a series of four-player group stages in which only two players advance from each. The group stages continue until only eight players remain. At that point, the players are placed into a single elimination bracket, where a champion is subsequently crowned.

A feedback/announcement thread was started by tournament administrators Peaches and Firnafth to solicit for improvements for the second season of eXe NA GSL. You read it right, the tournament admins asked for the players' opinions and are implementing improvements next season! That automatically makes the eXe tournament ten times better than MLG. Besides, who needs to travel to a big tournament when you can enjoy the fun and excitement in the comforts of your own home?

The eXe NA GSL tournaments bring the spirit of competition into the fold, which just compounds the fun. It also increases the myriad of ways eXe provides its members to improve their play; and as an added bonus, could potentially give you bragging rights! Sign ups for Season 2 start soon! Be the first of your friends and teammates to get in on the fun!!!


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