Andrew "Socrates" Armentrout is the current Team Assistant to NA Reaper. Originally known as Ru or OmgitsRu, Socrates began his Starcraft II career at the release of the game. He began in bronze league and is now a current gold leaguer on both the NA and EU servers. He began his eXe career originally with Tactical Gaming, where he officially made it known that he had a badass voice. After the exodus, Socrates became a member of Reaper and would take an extended break due to his work. On his return, he


Socrates in his youth.

found Reaper was completely different and needed the return of his sexy voice. When Wings would go to be staff of Probes, he became Team Assistant under eXeABC. Socrates would then run everything as ABC was too busy with school, and his manhood would become the Team Leader of Reaper. Socrates would eventually join NA Templar to join the likes of Lich of Miami, the Broseidon and Wind the Canadian. Socrates would need a break from Starcraft II and eventually joined the Diablo III Division of eXe. However, he quickly became bored with a repetitive game and rejoined the Starcraft II Division as Team Assistant of Reaper under Vindictic. Socrates continues to let his sexy, deep voice help run Reaper and has picked up tournament play, making it to the finals of two BSG tournaments, as well as a 3rd round showing at the Antec Attack on the EU Server.