Reaper squad is dedicated to taking our lower league members (Bronze-Plat) and making them as great as they could possibly be. We encourage tournament play and competitiveness in squad and in eXe as a whole. So while we may only be low league at the moment, we forsee greatness in the future. Every lose to us counts as win, because we learn from our loss and improve. If you win all the time, you will never learn as fast as a person that loses a lot. We accept anyone and everyone that comes to us.

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Optional PracticeEdit

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm EST.

About Our Team MembersEdit

As a member of Reaper you will have to remember our Ultimate goal is improvement. So we will do that through IN-squad coaching as well as watching Replays and Pro-streams. As well as drilling in the basic mechanics and doing our best to make each and every practice count. We work on harder mechanics and techniques once in a while to get a feel of how to apply the basics to much harder challenges.

Squad QuoteEdit

When faced with a challenging obstacle apply C-4. If you fail then you obviously didnt use enough.

nibelz: ur first army is precious like ur dick, u dont force it into a meet grinder

Mr. Pingy 05:40, May 16, 2012 (UTC)