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As the EXE News Team we will strive to keep our members and fellow gamers up to date on whats going on in the clan and pro scenes of each of our divisions with clan news taking precedence over pro news. Using the best of our abilities we will provide easily read and knowledgeable posts, keeping personal preference and opinion out of our articles, while still bringing our readers into the stories. We will deliver the news in a neatly organized aesthetically pleasing format, accept criticism without confrontation, and most of all be creative and have fun!

Signed TheDaftOne - Editor


  • News Director: Pingy
  • Producer: Viran
  • Editor: TheDaftOne
  • Writer: Dai Guren
  • Writer: esReveR
  • Writer: eXepeaches
  • Writer: Veroth


1st Edition Clan News: Aug 5, 2012Edit

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