Mint is the former team leader for Team Valkyrie and is now Division Officer.  A former aspiring american Zerg player known for his incredibly terrible mutalisk play and over-droning. Due to getting sick of Zerg and losing to stupid things, he switched to Protoss. His lack of expansions and really bad macro are hard-countered by any unit that can deal damage. Mint is also know for being bad mannered and slightly racist against other Protoss players of any skill range. What Mint lacks in skill he makes up in witty come-backs and pranks often used to troll his teammates and other eXe members.


Mint(Kiyuu Mutou) grew up in Jackson, TN where he picked up the required skill-set to be a plantation magician, Aweing even the most depressed slave workers. He brought happiness and hope with his wacky antics while pushing propoganda supporting the northern agenda that later led those unhappy slaves to freedom. After his work as an undercover agent for Abraham Lincoln, Mint found himself running for office in the great state of Tennesee. His love for alcohol and all things really stupid made him the perfect candidate. Winning the seat of governor in Tennesee, the state where it's illegal for frogs to croak after 11pm, Mint quickly established rule and order(see Mints Laws). Due to many "tenneseeans" being the barbaric monkeys they are, they quickly wanted to hang Mint because of his trollish law making it illegal to give and receive oral sex in public to minors and family members. Mint decided that being cryogenicly frozen was his best bet of surviving. Using the secret technology used to freeze Walt Disney(see a romantic Walt Disney) Mint froze himself to be unfrozen on 1/1/2012. After the unfreezing and a long wiz, Mint was introduced to "the interwebs" where he discovered a Real Time Strategy(see The First RTS) game called "Starcraft 2". This was Mint's first real experience in losing(see Winning). He quickly fell in love with losing and is now his full-time goal in Starcraft 2.

Recent NewsEdit

Mint is still terrible and only making it to Ro32's 8/06/12

Mint recently made it to the finals of the /b/rothers at arms super duper invitational

Mint is still bad

Naka eats midget wieners