Maverick and Pingy

Left to right: Maverick and Pingy

Maverick was a former High Council Member and the former Department Head of the now defunct Media and Graphics Team. Maverick served in eXe for only a few months as real life took him away a lot more. He was forced to resign and sadly never came back due to his real life commitments. He was a former Squad Leader and HTIA in TG as well as a key figure in the founding of eXe. He is still remembered for his contributions and will hopefully one day return to eXe.


Maverick first joined as a Probes member in TG. Under Yutari he was promoted to Squad Leader of the newly formed squad Goliath. When TG started creating its ST squads, three were formed: Ghost under Yutari, Firebat under Pingy, and Goliath under Maverick. Maverick was a quick learner and led his squad to be well known within TG for its contributions to the Media Department and its casting skills. Maverick became HTIA of Starcraft Division replacing the vacancy left by Yutari being promoted to CO. He continued to improve recruiting during that time helping Pingy and really taking the casting to a whole new level. When eXe was formed, Maverick continued his role as a key figure in the media department by taking the head of it and becoming a High Council member. Sadly however, his real life obligations started to take him away from what he enjoyed doing and he was forced to step down. Not long after he fell of the face of the earth with no trace. Sadly no contact has been established since but Maverick's contributions to eXe will never be forgoten. Our hope is he will one day return as he played a vital role in TG and eXe as a whole. He will be missed.

Notable Positions HeldEdit

Goliath Squad Leader

Starcraft HTIA

High Council Member

Department Head