Mason is a Master Terran player in the clan eXe and is currently playing for Defiler team.

Besides that he also does a lot of work for Probes (the introductory team of NA eXe)

Mason is well known for his nasty cheeses and quick proxy marauder rushes while he also has good macro to back it up.

He plays on the NA server where he is in the master league, but there is also a rumor that he secretly practices on the korean server under a unknown smurf account.

If anyone wants to follow this amazing Terran in his ladderruns you can tune in on his stream Mason's Stream.

Mason has one big rival in Starcraft 2 named Hephaistas.

They have played a lot of games but Mason just can't seem to beat Hephaistas, But he promised us that he will keep practicing until he finally can.


Semi- finalist eXe Code S tournament season 1

Played a Bo3 against Idra in the NASL qualifiers.