(Lurker has been disbanded)

Team Lurker is a Platinum Team primarily based on improving our players performance in their 1v1 Ladders and aiming for that Diamond promotion. For this to happen we will be promoting competition within the Team, and all of our members will be expected to help in reviewing games by other players, and offering constructive criticism. Frustration, anger, anxiety and embarrassment are emotions that aren't welcome in practice sessions. Raging is intolerable (read: Not acceptable), due to the fact that all it does is hinder the players rate of improvement and doesn't contribute to practice at all. *This isn't a competition however this isn't a night where you pop open some beers and kick back with the boys*, this is a learning environment and we would like to keep it this way.

  • We will have days for these antics, believe me! Just not during practice

Lurker Forum Thread

About Our MembersEdit

As a member of Lurker you are expected to be an active member on the 1v1 Ladder, aiming to keep your Bonus Pool at 0. You must be able to not only give criticism regarding other player's gameplay, but also receive it regarding your own. You'll be expected to be active on eXe TeamSpeak in our Lurker Channel, where our players will casually flock outside of practice. If players aren't in our Lurker Channel be sure to check our In-Game chat channel eXe Lurker.

Looking to Apply?Edit

If you would like to apply to join Team Lurker you must meet the criteria for a suitable member. A minimum of 10 1v1 ladder games a week is advised and a clear speaking voice would be beneficial. Never be afraid of voicing your opinion if you feel the need to, and always revel in receiving and distributing constructive criticism. You must be an open-minded individual, somewhat mature but enjoy a good laugh; and be a calm, collected person who is willing to help others.

Practice TimesEdit

  • Sunday - 20:00 - 22:00 (GMT)
  • Wednesday - 20:00 - 22:00 (GMT)

Mr. Pingy 06:56, May 16, 2012 (UTC)