LgNPsych was a Team Assistant for the team Reaper. He would "run" almost every practice and he would be avaiable to help anyone that asked. He was, and still is, a mid to high diamond player. Psych was with team reaper untill he got offered a spot in the LgN team which he could not say no to. When Psych left Reaper he went to Valkyrie in order to help another team before he left eXe. You can still find Psych haning out in Reaper chat room on Starcraft 2, or in the Reaper TS channels during some of their practices. Psych is a player that left a hole in the Reaper team, both as a TA, as a player, and as a friend which is still trying to be filled. Psych hopes to stay somewhat active in the eXe community offering advice, help, and practices as much as he can when work and he new team allows him to.

Made on request of LgNPsych by Theedthree

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