Brian "Jjang" Lee is a yellow Starcraft 2 player on eXe's North American CT Team (Dragoon). As a high masters protoss player, he relies heavily on his good micro and army management to win the majority of his games.


Jjang has been with eXe since its inception, joining TG with close friend DIRESTRAIT. After initially joining, he was placed into Dragoon, which was not the competitive team at the moment. There was, in fact, no competitive team at that time with the disbanding of Thor. Jjang was promoted to team assistant of Dragoon, and eventually team leader as Dragoon was named eXe's competitive team on the NA server.


Favorite FoodEdit


Noteable AchievementsEdit

Recruited DeeMo and YueY

Has won just about every eXe weekly tournament he has competed in

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