In an uneXepected announcement the Council said that it would be accepting ideas for a name change. The name eXe was initially adopted when the Clan split from Tactical Gaming. There was only a small window of opportunity and the name was much less important than bringing as many happily willing people over as possible at the time. Now that the Clan has been operating successfully for over a year, things have changed and the name has become much more important. In the initial statement Clan Leader Yutari wrote that "... in order to further ourselves as a clan somethings need to change as we move forward. One of these big changes is our identity." When asked about his part in the decision, LoL Division Leader Nanobug responded "... since we have been reffered to as a community, clan, guild, and what not. I think switching more to a organization kind of thing is a lot better. And therefore a name change would be the best way of doing that."

As can be expected, the announcement has been met with mixed responses. Villian, a DotA TA, says about the proposed change; "well I don't see a name change as anything that is needed for the clan but I like the idea of maybe trying to renew the image of the clan" while Animality says "I think it would be a nice clean slate considering the fact Vinge, Effex, and Greedy left."

In a recent post Yutari announced that "...judging by the outpouring of support we will be sticking with something with eXe in it." The release also stated that a poll would be posted with several options for members to pick from, and the final name will be decided by the results of the poll. Despite this, an option was included in the poll which would send the Clan back to the drawing board in an attempt to pick a name that has nothing to do with eXe if a majority of members choose this option. The poll is scheduled to close Aug 16, 2012 and the News Team will be reporting on the results.

- Pingy

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