Due to the many problems in team Viper, the new teamleader decided it was best to split Viper in two teams. Hybrid and Viper. Viper was supposed to be the high master team to fight for CT status and represent our clan. While Hybrid was supposed to be the talent pool for Viper. Unfortunatly due to some circumstances, Viper had to shut down and Hybrid lived on to be the second best team in eXe.

Team Hybrid provided many things for the clan, they created weekly tournaments and even made a coaching program for the lower league players. The cherry on the cake was supposed to be a giant Code S/A tournament for the whole clan. But unfortuntaly due the circumstances the tournament was canceled last minute. These circumstances elevated to such high proportions, that team Hybrid decided to split off eXe and create a new clan, with a few members from other teams of eXe joining them, blowing a massive hole in the sc2 roster of eXe.

Hybrids former intro speech on their thread:

"Hybrid is a relatively new diamond-master team in eXe, formed by great players and most important hard workers. As a hybrid you need to play consistently, attend practice and be very creative in developing you game. To be a hybrid means to focus on wins and to improve. As a hybrid u need to cut into your opponents like knife through butter while have a great sense of humor Maybe hybrid cars are a joke, but hybrid players are dead serious."

Hybrid Forum Thread (locked)

Hybrid Clan site

The coaching thread

Official leaving statement

Personal leaving statement by Moonrise

Personal leaving statement by Avon

Ingame chat channelEdit

eXe Hybrid (defunct)


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