LoL will soon be getting a new patch that will rework Evelyn's and Twitch's stealth abilities!

Evelynn comic

Evelyn gets revealed when she is too close to an enemy. The ability shadow walk was taken out of her active abilities and is now her passive. The ability has been replaced with a new ability to be able to Increase her movement speed. So instead of using a long cool-down Ulti she can use a short cool-down that allows stacking movement speed when she gets a spell hit and along with that activates a sprint with a short cool down. Her hate spike ability now has a much larger range and a new animation for it. Evelyn will also be getting a new Ulti that provides a ranged AoE attack that damages and slows enemies while granting her some increased durability based on how successful she is at landing her Ulti.

Twitch comic

Twitch's ability, Ambush, now lasts much less time than before. Expunge now scales of AP and AD! Spray and Pray is more about stacking your poison now and less about melting Team via AoE. Debilitating poison is now Venom Cask which further contributes to his venom-staking game play. His default stats are getting buffed and he will also be getting a new animation that is much snappier!

Along with these changes Sona, Malzahar, and Xin Zhao are being changed as well.

Sona's crescendo does its full damage instantly instead of a delay. This is a huge bug fix for it was never intended for Crescendo to have a delay. When it was delayed it caused a huge reduction in damage because the delay in damage was also restricted by the amount of time the spell took, hence doing less damage. She can no longer have all 3 auras up at one time. This will force Sona players to make harder decisions on what aura they need up, and when.

Malzahar Voidling's have a new AI change. This change will be usefull because they will no longer stand outside of bushes like they used to. When Malzahar is in the bushes so are the Voidlings. Null Zone can now be cast while moving and no longer has a cast time.

Xin Zhao's abilities are being reworked. His current passive is being removed and his Battle Cry ability will have a heal effect. His new passive is called Challenge and causes basic attacks on audacious charge "challenge" his enemy reducing their armor. Xin Zhao's Ulti will not affect challenged champions.

- eXepeaches

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