The staff of eXe has been doing a lot to spread our name throughout the gaming community and the eXe A-Team, Dragoons, is no exception. The Dragoons had decided that they were going to send as many of their members to this summer’s MLG as possible in order compete and get our clan’s name out there. Since this is a costly venture, Jjang and the rest of the A-Team decided to auction themselves off to the highest bidder for a full day’s worth of one-on-one coaching.

The announcement was made to the clan through the forums and a start date for the auction was set for July 22nd at 8 p.m. The auction lasted for 48 hours. During the auction anyone who wanted to place a bid on a player simply needed to send a message with the player’s name and amount of the bid the Jjang. The participants could then check back later to see if they were outbid, and up their bid if they wanted. At the end of the 48 hour period the participants with the highest bid won the coaching session with the player that they bid on. The results of the auction are outlined below.


The Protoss
A-Team Player Amount Winner
eXeBendy $5 Apoth
Jjang $10 Alastor
Tydrokos $40 Firnafth
Yuey $5 Ajax


The Terran
A-Team Player Amount Winner
DeeMo $21 Mason
MindFeast $20 Akkarin


The Zerg
A-Team Player Amount Winner
Hephaistas $35 Veroth


The A-Team player auction was a success and raised a total of $201. This money will aid the attending eXe A-Team players in paying for their travel, lodging, and entry fees to future MLG events. Unfortunately the MLG Summer Championship in Raleigh sold out before they could get tickets, but this gives them a good start for the next event.

- Veroth

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