Dragoon is eXe's competitive A-team in North American StarCraft 2



MastersIcon Tydrokos ProtossIcon

Team Leader



Team Captain

MastersIcon ComBrO TerranIcon


Gm2 DeeMo TerranIcon


Gm2 Hephaistas ZergIcon 


MastersIcon [Retired]Jjang ProtossIcon


MastersIcon YueY ProtossIcon

Objectives: To improve overall gameplay in Starcraft 2, gain recognition in the Starcraft 2 amateur-pro competitive scene, and grow closer as a team.

Dragoon focuses solely on 1v1s. We seek high competition regularly. We work constantly to improve our gameplay, mechanics, and overall decision-making.

Clan War HistoryEdit

TG - Dragoon

4 - 4

vs Clan Relentless Heroes A Team: 1-5 L
vs Team Kryptonic: 2-3 L
vs Team Solid: 3-2 W
vs Team Eternal Plague A Team: 2-4 L
vs Team H2O/PMS: 2-3 L
vs VP Gamers (B Team): 3-2 W
vs Clan cTl: 3-2 W
vs Clan StN: 3-0 W

eXe - Dragoon

20 - 11

vs Clan .sCa: 4-1 W
vs Pariah Caste: 3-0 W
vs Team Voldemort: 2-3 L
vs Clan StN (rematch): 3-0 W
vs Team NMx B Team: 0-5 L
vs Legion Gaming (Unity): 4-0 W
vs Infinity B Team: 0-5 L
vs prOxiteam: 5-2 W
vs Team NMx B Team (rematch): 5-4 W
vs Team NMx B Team (rematch #2): 5-3 W
vs Infinity B Team (rematch): 3-5 L
vs xO Gaming: 5-3 W
vs sTs A Team: 5-2 W
vs xO Gaming B Team: 5-1 W
vs xO Gaming A Team: 5-3 W
vs XPn A Team: 4-3 W
vs Team GQ: 5-1 W vs Frost E-Sports 1-4 L
vs sMi Team 1-4 L
vs Monomaniac Gaming 3-4 L
vs Team Fallacy 3-4 L

vs NMx B Team : 5-2 W

vs Team NMx B Team: 4-5 L

vs oGk Gaming : 5-0 W

vs Impulse E-Sports: 4-3 L

vs Killing Spree : 4-2 W

vs Team TDS of The Legion Community : 5-3 W

vs ClanEX : 3-0 W

vs oGk Gaming : 5-1 W

vs xO Gaming A Team: 5-3 L

vs Sentinel Gaming : 5-1 W

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