(Arbiter has been disbaned)

Arbiter is the second Competitive Team for the North American Division and as such we are a VERY active in the SC2 community, tournaments and other competitions (ie Clan Wars and leagues). As a member of Arbiter you are expected to have a great passion for the game and the desire to be the best player you can be. You MUST be prepared to compete at a high level. Arbiter is the first place Dragoon looks for when they want new members on the main Competitive Team so this is the best place to go if you want to join Dragoon but just arent quite there yet!


We have one mandatory practice on Sunday at 8 pm est Optionals are held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all at 8 pm est Custom Friday: An optional where we just have fun kicking back and playing customs to blow off steam from a hard week of work/school/practice

Squad LaddersEdit

Arbiter's Internal Ladder (AIL)

About Our MembersEdit

Arbiter members must be competitive and willing to give and receive advice in a mature and kind manner (BM is frowned upon here guys!). The member must be willing to give their all 100% of the time and always look to improve and help improve their teammates. The member must show commitment to their game play and the drive to make it in the Starcraft e-sports world. Arbiters support constantly and so do we.

"We are vigilant!" `SCBW Arbiter

Mr. Pingy 06:14, May 16, 2012 (UTC)